Petrol and diesel injectors are an increasing service problem


Many garages and service outlets in the UK are expressing concern about the damage caused by trying to remove and repair petrol and diesel engine injectors. Attempting to remove engine injectors can result in the units seizing, breaking or being damaged.

A simple and effective means of curing the normal problem with engine injectors is to use the Carbon Zapp ES20 decarbonising machine, which will safely and gently deal with many of the problems caused by clogged injectors. An added benefit is the machine will clean the pump as well.

The Carbon Zapp detergent used in the ES20 machine cleans the oily deposits from the inside removing the microscopic particles that are then burnt in the normal combustion process. The 45 minute process is not labour intensive and can be used by non-technical staff, and as an aid to diagnostics it not only saves time, but instantly improves the running quality and performance of the vehicle’s engine without any other work.

Many garages in the UK are discovering that after less than 50 decarbonising treatments over a 6 month period, the ES20 pays for itself and then delivers significant profits.