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Quick and simple, with universal fittings. Cleans Injectors, without any risk of damaging any part of the engine.


Become A Carbon Zapp Garage

Find Out The Benefits Of A Carbon Zapp System

Do you think if you offered your customers the opportunity to save money on fuel and have their vehicles engines feel smoother and quieter at a reasonable cost do you think they would go for it?

Would you like to offer your customers a real service? Would you like to be able to increase revenue with very little effort or outlay? Would you like to save time in diagnosis and cleaning EGR and DPF?

The problem with service work is that the customer often ‘feels’ very little benefit other than a very expensive car wash, servicing does not often enhance the way a vehicle runs. This can lead to mistrust and a reluctance to pay for an expensive stamp in the book.

Getting a Carbon Zapp ES machine opens up a whole new area of opportunity, with a website designed to point customers your way, point of sale marketing support, media reviews, and discounts on fuel injector and pump repairs and calibration.

How It Works

By running the engine on a special mix of ordinary fuel and Carbon Zapp cleaning detergents the inert soft carbon molecules are gently removed including the gums and varnishes that build up in the engine, and are burnt in the normal combustion process. This process will not damage the engine, and works on all types of internal combustion engine

Signs Of Carbon Build Up

Partially blocked injectors – Erratic running, poor performance, smoke emissions

Jammed Piston rings – Low cylinder compression poor performance, High oil consumption, Poor Performance

Blocked Throttle body- Poor running

Combustion Chamber – Poor running uneven compression, poor performance, head gasket failure, excessive combustion knock

Why Is It Needed?

The variable quality of fuel around the country from low cost Supermarket to High Performance fuels from brand name stations, can cause oil deposits and carbon build up, and in the UK we have some of the best fuel quality in the world.

Is This A Service Item ?

Yes, Prevention is better than cure.

The best time to specify the Carbon Zapp treatment is at the next service, to prevent the build up of harmful carbon, and maximise fuel economy and performance every vehicle over 50,000 miles should be treated.

How Long Does It Take?

A normal treatment should take around an hour

Systems Covered

All Petrol and Diesel Systems Including:
Common Rail
Conventional diesel
Direct Injection
Petrol Direct Injection
G-DI, FSI, HPI etc.
Conventional Fuel Injection
& Carburettor systems

Is It Just For Diesels? 

No, both petrol and Diesel engines are affected by carbon build up. Even the latest Direct Injection engines suffer from economy harming carbon build up.

Who Needs Carbon Zapp?

Carbon Zapp is used by many businesses within the motoring sector. Here are just a few that are curently benefiting from offering Carbon Zapp services…

  • Garages
  • MOT stations that want to sell a repair to rectify emissions failures
  • Sophisticated diagnostic specialists
  • Tyre and Exhaust Centres that want to add to service offering
  • Existing Diesel + Petrol injection specialists
  • Forward looking Workshops that want to offer more services + increase revenues
  • Fleet/Vehicle operators with own workshops wanting to maximise efficiency

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